“"Dance is the vehicle through which

I engage the world "

Three Two Blue


In Music

Leopards Tale


Working Artist



My choreography, dance performance and movement coaching is about healing, growth, longevity, and the recognition of the divine within.


I desire to touch the lives of the people who embrace my unspoken language—to leave a residue of my expression that will transform their lives.


As I continue to explore my inner landscape, and break boundaries whether internally or externally imposed, as I reflect on the world around me and my part in its creation, as I form physical statements of resistance or protest, graceful movements of enlightenment and joy, as I move to a place of higher realization, so too does my creativity. So too does my craft. So too does my art.


I bring to my students, my clients, and the concert stage buried treasures of a soul set free. I sincerely offer this gift to the world".

Urban Nutcraker

The Many

Boschimanne: Living Curiosities

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