The hurricane destroyed her New Orleans home, displaced her family, and prevented her from returning after she completed graduate school. Hurricane Katrina made her rethink her life and her future. She decided that she wanted to expand, and extend her artistic life to preserve a sense of legacy and history. And, like so many African American artists, thinkers and scholars before her, she packed her valise and headed for Paris.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Kehinde Ishangi, then a graduate student at Flordia State University, made a bold decision—she would take her talent and her culture and in a distant land, she would redefine her future.

Paris By Storm

Kehinde Ishangi dancing The Queen in
Katherine Dunham's—Ritual

(Rites de passage) 

Compagnie James Carlès
Project: Homage aux chorégraphes
Afro-Américians : Danses et continents noirs