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Paris when it sizzles…

Hey there, future dance legends and inter-nationally acclaimed artists, join us to dance in Paris!

Kehinde Ishangi is privileged to serve as program director for the annual study abroad program—Dance in Paris for Florida State University, School of Dance, College of Fine Arts.


Paris isn't just about capturing a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the background—it’s about dancing your heart out and soaking in the culture that radiates from its historic streets.


Professor Kehinde Ishangi invites you to a specially crafted experience, right in the pulse of Paris and the broader spectrum of French culture. This golden ticket is available for those enrolled in undergrad or grad programs, leaning into Ballet, Modern, or Contemporary dance. You should be anywhere from hitting those intermediate moves to dazzling us with advanced technique.


During this voyage, you won’t just be touching the surface of France’s vast artistic tapestry. Picture this: the Mona Lisa’s elusive smile, sculptures that tell a thousand stories, architectural marvels that defy time, melodies that pull at heartstrings, and—wait for it—food that’s basically art you can eat! We've lined up workshops, masterclasses, museum trips, and tours that will pull you into the exhilarating world of Parisian arts.


And for the piecé de rèsistance of our 2024 program: Dance Film! Ever dreamt of having Paris, the epicenter of cinematic grandeur, as the backdrop of your dance moves? This is your shot. We're taking our moves from the stage to the streets and sealing them on film.


But what's a dance experience in Paris without a bit of Cultural Choreography? Dance is more than just a series of moves—it’s a story, echoing cultural tales and legacies. In this program, each step you take is imbued with history, culture, and identity. 


Plus, get ready for some Networking Magic! This isn’t just about the dance—it’s about the people. You’ll get the chance to connect, collaborate, and maybe even find your dance counterpart among fellow students and renowned professionals.


Eager to join this unique academic adventure? To groove, move, and elevate your artistic spirit? Well, slide into those dancing shoes and enroll now! Paris, in all its shimmering glory, is ready for you to take the stage.

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